20 Dec 2016

2m UKAC results

In the yearly totals, I was 80th out of 193 in the AL section of the RSGB's 2m UK activity contests held on the first Tuesday evening each month. As I only run 5W QRP to a big-wheel omni (3dBd gain max) and am only on for 30-60 minutes because of my poor, stroke impaired, voice, I think this is not too bad.

If you want 2m SSB activity in the UK, then I can recommend these Tuesday evening contests, even if you don't send in a score. Activity levels are usually very good and a very modest set-up works. It has been successful for me with just an FT817ND.  My typical maximum distance is 200km in this contest. On RX it is unusual not to hear lots of DX even in the short time I get on.

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