10 Nov 2016

Yesterday and today on 10m JT65

Only now did I realise I was on JT65B and not JT65A on 10m yesterday. Not being an expert, I assume I would have not been able to decode anyone and no-one would be able to decode me! Doh! Anyway I am now back on 10m JT65A having just turned the rig and PC back on and done manual sync to internet time.

UPDATE 1020z: ZS6WB (9095km) in South Africa has just been spotted on 10m JT65. Who needs sunspots?

UPDATE 1036z SV8RV (2268km) has recently spotted my 2W QRP JT65 on 10m.

UPDATE 1134z: 10m JT65 spots being given and received today from across Europe, deep into Russia and South Africa. Today looks good on 10m even with no sunspots.

UPDATE 1740z:  2 South Americans spotted so far today.

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