19 Nov 2016

USA on 10m JT65 this autumn?

So far this autumn my 2W 10m JT65 has been spotted in the USA just once. I have only copied others in the USA on 10m JT65 twice. It is proving much harder to reach the USA on 10m this autumn than in the last few years. Next autumn, I expect it will be impossible.

As the months go forward, there will be even less chance of USA 10m openings, although I hope USA and Canadians will come in during the summer by 10m Es on occasions. Es will soon be the only mechanism to work the USA on 10m. It may also be possible to work the USA and Canada by Es on 6m on occasions.

Improving my 10m antenna would help a bit, but if the band is not open E-W then it will still be impossible.

No, E-W DX on 10m will become rarer, especially as the years progress and as the sunspots decline. All the more reason to use JT65 or WSPR "in the background" to catch brief 10m openings. I love 10m, but it takes real dedication in the quiet solar years ahead. The easy option is just to slip down a few bands. But as real radio amateurs we like a challenge!

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