8 Nov 2016

Solar cycle 25?

We are on the way down to the end of cycle 24, with the minimum expected around 2020. Already the experts are predicting what cycle 25 will be like, and solar activity is likely to be poor. Some are even predicting a Maunder Minimum with no sunspots at all for several years and a drop in global temperatures. The truth is we cannot be sure.

The world is warming up, fact, although some think this is not the fault of man. Somehow, I think we are involved. We owe it to future generations to look at the facts and not behave like ostriches. A Maunder Minimum might buy us a little extra time to put things right.

See https://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/01/25/first-estimate-of-solar-cycle-25-amplitudesmallest-in-over-300-years/ .

Whatever your views, equip yourselves with FACTS as much as possible.

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