25 Nov 2016

RSGB making some changes to VHF contests in 2017

I was recently emailed telling me of some changes to the rules next year. See http://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/information/vhfcc-2016survey-output.pdf for more details.

Major changes (written by the RSGB VHF contest committee) are as follows: 
  • We will introduce a series of awards for the leading stations aged 18 or under to encourage more young operators to try, and hopefully stay with contesting 
  • We are increasing the power limits for the two sections of the Backpackers contests from 3W and 10W to 5W and 25W 
  • We are introducing new short low power FM contests aimed at newcomers on 4m, 2m and 70cm which will run in the hour prior to the UKAC events (1900 – 2000) on those bands 
  • We are re-introducing the 2m diameter limitation for dish and backfire antennas in the Restricted and Low Power section of the 23cm UKAC contests 
  • We are introducing separate Local and National club sections to the UKAC Club Competitions defined in a similar way to the successful 80m CC sections.  
  • The 4m UKAC contests will move to occur every 3rd THURSDAY of the month to allow them to happen every month, and the 4m Cumulatives will be removed from the calendar 
  • The 6m UKAC contests will move to occur every 2nd THURSDAY to separate them from the SHF events 
  • In VHF NFD it will be possible for stations in both the Mix and Match and Restricted sections to operate on up to five bands, but have only their best 4 bands count 
  • With the aim of increasing weekend activity, we are introducing a new Club section to the VHF Championship for weekend contests. In this section, the scores from every individual entry to a contest from a club’s members will count towards an overall score for the club.

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