28 Nov 2016

Radio silence

According to the BBC there is a place in West Virginia, USA that has strict laws in place so radio does not disturb sensitive listening posts nearby. One of these is searching for extra-terrestrial life "out there". In some ways I find it amazing we have not found any signs of intelligent life, or indeed any life, despite 50 years of looking.

See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38098945 .

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Hugh said...

I wonder if there is intelligent life on Earth, given the spat of imbeciles currently being elected to run our collective countries. We seem intent on wanting to dangerously experiment with the planets CO2. Maybe the collapse of the incompetent banking industry and US economy/ Eurogroup blinkered loonies will finally, unwittingly put the brakes on before its too late (hope you have your candles ready!)