15 Nov 2016

Google confirm new London HQ - NOT amateur radio

So Google has confirmed its £1billion investment in a new HQ building in London. This is good news in a post-BREXIT UK.

Big companies still see the UK as a good place to do business. There is much right with the UK.

Personally, I think the EU will face difficult times ahead. OK the UK has to find its way in the new world order, but it will. With a political swing to the right (hopefully a blip) I can see other nations wishing to leave the EU. It would not totally surprise me if the Euro loses a lot of its value in 2017. A total collapse of the EU is possible too.

See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37988095 .


Takis Perreas said...

You haven't BR-exit yet Roger and I doubt if you ever will.
I bet you a penny on that!

Anonymous said...

We will be cutting ties with the EU come what may, no pun intended.