6 Nov 2016

Currently on 20m JT65

Last night and overnight I have been (still am) on 20m JT65. Things didn't start to liven up before this morning. I guess the band was "dead" last night with little or no propagation. As an experiment, I shall remain on 14.076MHz JT65 for a while longer before I move up to 10m, which is more interesting.

UPDATE 1014z: Busy on 20m JT65!! The image shows the stations spotting me so far. Quite a few despite a low antenna and just 2W. There is far more challenge on 10m JT65. I'll give 20m a few more hours, then QSY to 10m. I am glad I tried 20m JT65, but it is too easy and I like a challenge.

UPDATE 1322z: Lots and lots of 20m JT65 spots including the USA down as far as Georgia. I've decided to stay on 20m JT65 for the rest of the day and go back on 10m JT65 tomorrow.

UPDATE 1422z:  More 20m JT65 spots from the USA.

UPDATE 2024z:  More USA stations spotted and now South Americans logged on 20m JT65 RX.

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