24 Nov 2016

Back on 10m JT65 ever hopeful

My return to 10m JT65 was at about 0910z this morning. The last few days have been poor, so I am hoping today will be a little better (than nil spots!).

As we are entering quieter solar times, DX will be much harder on 10m, but this is where JT65 and WSPR will prove really useful running in the background: if any DX pops up it will not be missed. 10m is "open" most days, if only briefly, yet few realise.

UPDATE 0955z:  Still no spots as yet.

UPDATE 1145z: G0OYQ (177km) has recently been spotted here on 10m JT65. Aircraft reflection or tropo? In the past I have worked stations at good range on 10m SSB (10W pep QRP) within the UK using just a low dipole antenna. Remember that 10m is not bad for semi-local working at any part of the solar cycle.

UPDATE 2146z: LU3ADP (11207km) was the best DX received on 10m JT65.

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