5 Nov 2016

After 2m JT65, a return to 10m JT65

Last night, and overnight I was on 144.166MHz JT65B. Several spots were exchanged with G3WKW (133km) and G6AVK (77km) spotted me several times. It was altogether a successful 2m outing and my thanks go to both stations for being on and doing the test. Yet again JT65 looks better than WSPR on 2m. I wonder if there is a need for a WSPR1 with 1 minute TX times? I am sure the shorter TX time helps in some cases, especially if there is Doppler.

This morning I returned to 10m JT65 with spots of stations in the UK, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. Nobody has yet spotted my 2W.

UPDATE 1155z:  With 7 countries and 2 continents so far spotted this morning on 10m JT65, I am surprised that my own signal has not yet been spotted.

UPDATE 1354z: LW2DAF (11211km) in Buenos Aires is the best DX spotted on 10m JT65 RX so far today. He was spotted at 1318z. Still no spots of my 2W, which is surprising. I may close and restart in case something odd is going on at my end and I am not actually TXing.

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