20 Nov 2016

6m JT65

After an evening and overnight on 2m JT65B (no spots), I decided to give 6m JT65A a go this morning. Things were set up just before breakfast. My best spot so far is G6GEI (73km). The only spot of my own QRP 6m JT65 is from G0LRD (25km). I shall stay on 6m 50.276MHz JT65A all morning. I am running about 1W ERP vertical. My antenna is a V2000 Omni vertical. All reports appreciated.

UPDATE 1326z: No further 6m JT65 spots.

UPDATE 1900z: M0SGO (14km) and G0LRD (25km) were the only 2 to spot my QRP 6m JT65 all day. I'll stick on 6m until breakfast and then probably QSY to 10m JT65.

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