28 Nov 2016

4m (70MHz) operations

The 4m band is now widely available in Europe and in a few places worldwide. I have not tried the band from this QTH, well not yet. There is now the IC7300 which includes 4m in the European version. With 50W and a simple antenna, most of the UK should be reachable on CW or digital modes and a lot of the UK on SSB.

There is a new Greenland 4m beacon OX4M on the air from HQ90AL on 70.047MHz (25W) into a dipole radiating North/South sending  PI4 + CW + carrier.

Years ago I remember working Greenland with QRP SSB on a whip antenna from my garden using the FT817 on 15m. This new beacon should be ideal in the Es season.

See www.70mhz.org .

Incidentally, I see that Southgate News has a report on WIA's attempts to get a 4m band in Australia.

See http://southgatearc.org/news/2016/november/quest-for-australian-70-mhz-ham-radio-band.htm#.WDwwZ4XXLIU . 

Remember, you heard it here last 😉 .

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Hugh said...

Not widely available in France of course.. where it took years for 40m top-end and 50MHz to be allowed. I say again, be grateful for Offcom.