1 Nov 2016

10m JT65

A return to 10m JT65 was made around 0715z today and the PC sync to internet time checked.

UPDATE 1044z:   F1GTU (754km) spotted me 44 minutes ago on 10m JT65. Es?

UPDATE 1215z:  No further 10m JT65 spots as yet.

UPDATE 1840z:  AB1KW (3256 miles) in New England (FN43 square) was spotting me on 10m JT65 4 hours ago. This is my first spot in the USA on 10m this autumn. I did spot a couple of Florida stations some weeks ago. Interestingly, no South Americans as yet on 10m JT65. Last night, they were being copied here way after 2000z. I wonder if more USA stations will spot me on 10m JT65 this month? Conditions E-W seem very marginal now, unlike a few years ago when USA stations were very common on 10m.

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