12 Oct 2016

Windows 10: am I alone? - NOT amateur radio

For about a week now my main PC has been unreliable. It was upgraded to Windows 10 without any issues months ago, but it has been problematic recently and says it is now missing a file and won't boot. I recently did a defrag. Although this is a well used machine, and this may be coincidence, I seem to have had issues since the BIG Windows 10 update which took 1.5 hours to install.

Am I alone? Is this my PC or a more general issue? Incidentally the PC in question is a Dell Inspiron  i5 with 1TB hard drive.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I just purchased a HP Elitebook i5 with W10. I have no experience with it yet. I've heard some issues from colleagues with the same problem you describe. But they are able to start the computer in safe modus. Not shure what causes the problem but I think it is related to a wrong software update. Just top be shure I ordered a W10 install DVD with the computer. If you're able to start the computer you can try to get back to a earlier restore point. 73, Bas