25 Oct 2016

Smart phones - NOT amateur radio

Tuesday is one of my days in Cambridge doing Polar Studies at the Scott Polar Research Institute. The course is run by the University of the Third Age. We are very lucky to have a huge range of courses in Cambridge. We are lucky to have many ex-university lecturers.

See http://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/ .

In a not very scientific study into smart phone use, these were my findings, just looking:
  • Younger people are the main users
  • About 1 in 10 (at least) seemed to be using these
  • More women than men seemed to use these (keep away, don't speak to me, acknowledge my private space?)
OK, I hear you say, so what, but this is a social thing:  in days gone by there was eye contact, people chatted to each other. At the very least people acknowledged each other. It seems most young people have lost the skill of face-to-face contact; the phone seems more important! If this is OK, OK. Sadly, as a boring old git, I think this will come back to bite us.

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William Wright said...

I have just gone back to my trusty Nokia 7110. The Smartphone that I have had for 3 years (Google Nexus 4) has started to have problems with switches, the operating system and the sim holder fell apart!

Yet, the 16 year old Nokia keeps on going! Aside from Emails, I hardly use any of the features on a smartphone!