4 Oct 2016

QRP Sputnik days reminder

More from Oleg:

Dear Space Friends,
I only wish all sputniks and Vanguards happy flight!
All  comments,  reports,  pictures are appreciate here in the list or
direct  to  my  e-mail. All info's will be published on the "Sputnik"
results page - www.club72.su - totals log, soapbox, pictures etc.
SWLs are welcome also.

My  "Sputnik"  is  old  valves trcvr called "UW3DI" (14 valves) power
reduced  less  than  a  1 watt. My "Vanguard" trcvr is "Micro-80-pnp"
(only  Ge pnp 5 transistors on board) VXO 14060 kc 200 mW. Helping RX
is  "UA1FA" (home made in 70-80-th not mine hands). Antennas: 20 m GP
and Delta 42 m, both 6 m AGL.

72! beep-beep-beep...
Deep Space Communications Center
operator on duty -
Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB

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