8 Oct 2016

QRP and QRP Club

Having been away for a couple of nights, I have not posted news from Oleg (and others), so this is a catch-up. There have been many more emails but I have not included them all here.

There was discussion about Indian radio amateurs launching a "Sputnik" piggyback. On the QRP Club website is more news of the recent "Sputnik" activities.

Dear Space friends,

Today I went to the Fort as said before.
I worked on 40 and 30 meters.

On 40 meters (7030 kHz):
G4OJF Gerry at 08:38 UTC S569-R539
F55NJF Michel at 08:58 UTC S559-R589
DL7KB Dieter at 09:07 UTC S549-R559 He used 150mW from Berlin!
DK1RT/P Bernd at 09:26 UTC S439-R559 He used 1 watt FT817 from Sebnitz
GM0GCO Brian at 09:51 UTC S579-R559 used 50 watts at start later reduced to 5 watts.
ON6WJ Jos at 10:27 UTC S569-R589 This was the first Inter-Sputnik QSO! Both xtals on different QRGs but still close enough.

Then I lunched and afterwards switched to 30 meters (10116 kHz and worked:
F6ENI Bruno at 11:43 UTC S599-R599 He used 100 Watts and was stunned about my 1 Watt 1 tube TX.

Then I helped a friend at the Fort with some work on a fence to keep the sheep out of a certain area and saw that the GP still stands. Hopefully the sheep will leave it alone.

About yesterday's 4 QSO's, the log is as follows:
40 meters:
I/DL9FI Horst at 08:25 UTC S569-R539. he used 1 watt from his car
HB9BIN/p SOTA at 12:05 UTC S599-R559
Then on 30 meters:
OH0GG Gey at 12:28 UTC S559-R559 Very pleasant QSO with Aland Island!
IZ3PYE Max at 12:42 UTC  S569-R539

@ Oleg: Sorry about the wrong callsigns in my previous mail.

Coming Saturday and Sunday I will be at the Fort also and hopefully no crowded band. At least I then escape to 30 meters...
Beep beep to you all from PA6FBE The "Fort Bij Edam".

72/73 Peter PA0PJE

Dear Space Friends,
the  2016  totals, comments, pictures page opened on the Club 72 site
today. There is a 1'st QSO in the log today - RV3GM/S to G3XJS.
Preferably, to send me results daily.

72! beep-beep-beep...
Deep Space Communications Center
operator on duty -
Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB 

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