11 Oct 2016

More Sputniks

From Oleg:

Dear Space Friends,
thanks  Jos  for Mag Loop "Sputnik" QSO report. All QSOs installed in
the  totals log. Also "astronaut" Pavel RA7RA/Vanguard informed about
new  QSO with M0AUW with 150 mW e pnp transistor P416 (old type of ex
USSR).  In  the photo gallery I install some pictures of R2DNN Ge pnp
TX-beacon  (beacon  mode  only)  120...250  mW.  Enjoy  photo  of his
home-made heat sink so called "a-la sputnik" concept-form :-)

BTW.  On  the  1's USSR Sputnik and US Vanguard really TX beacons was
installed (both). So it looks like we need to add "Beacon" category in
the Sputnik Activity Days in the future. Isn't it?

72! beep-beep-beep...
Deep Space Communications Center
operator on duty -
Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB

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