18 Oct 2016


Well it is now 1730z and I have been on 10m JT65 most of the afternoon. Not a single spot given or received on 10m JT65. Yesterday was quite different.

I shall stay on the band for a while longer, but think the DX chances have gone for the day.
UPDATE 1818z:  When not looking for QSOs, I usually monitor PSKreporter maps in the lounge on a different PC. I see that PU4ENY (Brazil) was spotted at 1358z calling CQ, although he did not upload to PSK reporter. So, there was just one South American logged on 10m JT65 today after all. G0VUH was also spotted. I am still active, but 10m JT65 is very quiet here.


Pedro-CS8ABY said...

Realy bad day on 10M today.
I have been whatching for the 10M wispy wspr receiver/transceicer.
I only have 14.000MHz crystals. On my calculations i will get to 28110 MHz can you Confirm my calculations ?

Roger G3XBM said...

Pedro - I used low cost 14.060MHz crystals (QRP frequency) which are available from many sources, but half the 10m WSPR frequency would be better. Luckily my crystals pulled up enough. I got my crystal from GQRP Club.