25 Oct 2016

10m JT65

Before breakfast I turned the PC and rig on and checked internet time sync. As yet, no spots given or received. South America (if at all) usually gets through late afternoon. There are quite a few monitors in Europe, but they have not copied me yet. I am convinced that JT65 is a very effective 10m mode as the solar cycle recedes and conditions get worse. I remain convinced there is life on 10m long after most people abandon it. My advice? Run 10m JT65 or WSPR in the background and be surprised. On most recent days, 10m has opened to somewhere briefly.

UPDATE 1054z:  Still no 10m JT65 spots as yet.

UPDATE 1625z:  Only UK spots today on 10m JT65 with best DX G0JEI (141km) on RX. So, no great DX today!

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