23 Oct 2016

10m JT65

This morning I went straight to 10m JT65. I switched on about 20 minutes ago, which is later than usual. As normal. I checked the PC was synced to internet time. Before I set things going I could hear a couple of stations.

UPDATE 1012z: Several stations in Russia, Finland and South Africa spotted and my own QRP 10m JT65 spotted by several Russians. F2 I assume. At the moment, things look quite promising on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1130z:  My 2W 10m JT65 was spotted by VK6KXW (14542km) in Western  Australia and ZS6ZP (9121km) in South Africa as well as widely in Europe. 10m JT65 is good today.

UPDATE 1954z:  Lots of spots of South Americans but no spots of my own QRP 10m JT65 signal from stations in that continent. Still waiting for a decent F2 opening on 10m JT65 to the USA this autumn.

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