2 Oct 2016

10m Es "out of season"

As if to prove a point, there has been some E layer propagation just about every day I have tried in recent weeks on 10m. 10m is certainly far from dead out of the Es seasonal months. My recommended mode is JT65 which can be used for 2-way QSOs or beaconing. WSPR should be better, but activity seems lower.

UPDATE 1544z: Plenty of Es on 10m JT65 today. I think the spots of Holland and Belgium were probably by aircraft reflection. No South Americans yet.

UPDATE 1705z: 2 South Americans (near Rio) have been copied on 10m JT65. Sunspots? Who needs them?

UPDATE 1826z:   12 South Americans spotted on 10m JT65 so far this evening (best DX Chile and Argentina), although no-one has spotted my 2W yet. Is this TEP?

UPDATE 1915z:  20 South Americans spotted on 10m JT65. This is very high, when the sunspot count is zero! Nothing today from the Caribbean or North America.

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