28 Sep 2016

Sunspots and 10m - Wednesday September 28th 2016, and cancer research

Solar flux is 83 today. The sunspot number is 21. K=5. The forecast for 10m F2 propagation remains "poor". With disturbed conditions I am not expecting much DX today on 10m. Mind you, thing change!

Had my mother survived cancer she would have been 99 today. It is still not too late to give, even a little, towards cancer research.  If you want, you can hide your name and give, just a little even, anonymously. Cancer effects many people of all ages. Thank you to the kind person who donated earlier. Your gift may just make a difference.

Only last week a radio ham friend, Paul G8GML, died of bowel cancer. He died too young.  When I first came to Cambridge we talked and talked on 2m FM most nights. RIP Paul. In more recent times he enjoyed amateur TV and 160m.

One day this could be you and the research you help to fund might save your life.

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