8 Sep 2016

Remaining on 10m JT65 today

No further Es since the single spot from France late last night. I have decided to stick with 10m JT65 today although without Es I rarely get UK spots on this band. It is still quite early in autumn to expect much F2 propagation on 10m.

UPDATE 1020z: G4CJC (73km) spotted, but no Es seen here on 10m JT65 today.

UPDATE 1144z:  Still nothing else spotted on 10m JT65 here today.

UPDATE 1205z: DO4CP (915km) has been spotted. So there is lunchtime Es about on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1502z: GI4SNA (488km) has spotted me on 10m JT65 but is wrongly reporting me as on 12m.

UPDATE 2016z: It is dark now and no spots (given or received) on 10m JT65 here. As it is quite late, I think South America is unlikely today on 10m.

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