8 Sep 2016

Easter Island

 Recently seen:

"From September 26-30  some LU amateur radio an LF MF DXers will be operating in CE0Y.

Hamradio from 80 to 6 meter maybe 160 meter. TX RX

VLF LF MF listening with  R-75 and Perseus SDR recording WAVs from 100 KHz to 1710 KHz at night times .  Not grabber online.
Maybe: Notebook+SpectrumLab with antenna via Mic in for VLF.
Antennas: Loops and  Beverages 200-600 meter long to…. ??? meter long. maybe Kite antennas.

If you are  interested in TX (136 kHz -472 kHz ) to Easter Island in this week please write to me only via: lu8ydnqn@gmail.com  

73s Alex LU8YD"

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