13 Sep 2016

70cm UKAC tonight

This evening, the second Tuesday in the month is the RSGB's UK activity contest for 70cm. I often go on for a little while and work a few stations, although I only have a 2m omni antenna which radiates after a fashion. The contest runs from 1900z to 2130z, although I shall probably be on for about 30 minutes only because of my poor voice. Activity levels are usually good. With the hot weather in most of England, there could be a few more portable stations out on hilltops too this evening.

Yesterday I sent in my modest entry for last week's 2m UKAC. I was only on for about 20 minutes but still managed to work decent distances with just my QRP and omni antenna.

These contests are good fun and a good way to work more squares.

70cm QSOs this evening using 5W and a 2m halo with lossy coax
UPDATE 2010z: Well I made 5 QSOs  in 30 minutes with my poor voice, 5W and a 2m halo fed with lossy coax. Best DX was JO03 square. Fun and surprising with such a poor antenna! Great.

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