7 Sep 2016

6m JT65

This morning I decided to go on 6m JT65 rather than 10m, although I may switch to 10m later. So far, just 1 UK spot of my QRP on 6m, by G4VXE (136km). There is no sign of Es here on 6m JT65. At least on 6m JT65 I do get UK spots.

UPDATE 1248z: 2 spots of my 6m JT65 QRP from UK signals plus a couple of spots of others but nothing from mainland Europe by Es.

UPDATE 1558z:  4 UK spots today on 6m JT65 with the best DX G1IDZ at 182km. No Es on 6m all day.


Tim said...

Good consistent copy of you today, Roger! We should swap reports sometime!

73, Tim G4VXE

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree.