3 Sep 2016

2m contest reminder - this weekend

For once, I remembered!

This weekend is the 2m Trophy Contest organised by the RSGB, It runs from 1400 UTC Saturday until 1400 UTC Sunday. See http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/contest_rules.pl?year=2016&contest=144trophy&seq=

There is also the RSGB Backpacker's Contest on Sunday morning. I hope to be on for some of the time.

On Tuesday evening is the 2m UKAC Contest for September.

Even if you hate contests, these are a good chance to work a few new stations and QTH squares. There is no compulsion to send in a log. Just enjoy the activity.

UPDATE 2116z: I went on the 2m Trophy Contest for 20 minutes just now and worked 4 stations with my 5W and big-wheel omni. Best DX was a station in IO81RF which is 227km. I may try again tomorrow morning.

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