14 Sep 2016

QRP on 10m and 6m today

I restarted the PC at breakfast time and am currently on 10m WSPR TX (500mW) and 6m transceive JT65 (2W). Nothing yet on 10m here, but I was spotted in Norway on 6m JT65 2 hours ago, presumably by Es, by LB5JE (1152km). On 6m I just use a simple V2000 vertical omni fed with RG58 coax. On 10m the antenna is just a low Par 10/20/40m end fed i.e. nothing special.

UPDATE 0932z: Still nothing on 10m WSPR. Funny, if I just had 10m WSPR I'd have concluded the 10m band was "dead". Yet I have already had spots of my JT65 on 6m including one which was almost certainly Es. Never give up! A dead band may not be dead at all.

UPDATE 1254z:  No further 6m spots. 10m WSPR? Not sure as I have been unable to contact the WSPRnet database yet again!

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