19 Aug 2016

No 10m South America today?

Having returned to 10m JT65 mid-afternoon it looks like there will be no spots from South America today. There are fewer monitors on than in the peak Es months, but I wonder if I was seeing Es linking with some other mode like F2 or equatorial spread F? It has been very quiet here today on 6m and 10m with no Es seen at all. If this was pure F2 all the way I might have expected something as conditions are fairly quiet and the solar activity is not bad. But nothing all day - no Es and no South America this evening. Things could still change, but it is getting quite late on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 2150z:   EU7FBB (1931km) in Belarus was spotted at 2108z on 10m JT65. This may have been late Es, but who knows?

UPDATE 2155z: LA9NKA (929km) has spotted me, so I think we are seeing late Es on 10m JT65.

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