1 Aug 2016

More VLF from Alaska

From Laurence KL7L. This was posted a few days ago to a Yahoo group..
Been fairly active on VLF tonight with a lot of active Chorus and noise bands up to 9KHz at times – not as noisy as this.

Local thunderstorm after noon a week or so back – I'm running a slow instance still on 8kHz if someone want to shove up a carrier or two.

73 Laurence KL7L
Aspire and 7m vertical wire on a dock by the lake 100m of cat5.
UPDATE 0821z: Several German stations are still testing (radiated transmissions) at 8.27kHz and 2.97kHz. DK7FC has still to be received on ULF in the UK with Paul Nicholson in Todmorden unable to see anything at all after 9 days looking in very narrow bandwidths. Paul is till trying different settings of filters.

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