11 Aug 2016

Big Masts

Southgate News carries the story from Stroud of an amateur who has applied for planning permission to erect a 13.5m high mast. Some of the neighbours have lodged complaints.  Now, each to his own but I certainly would not like an antenna monster in next door's garden.

Having managed to span the globe with small wire antennas you can barely see and with QRP SSB I question whether such large structures are really needed. Each to their own and at least he has done the application through the formal channels.

All I am saying is this is not how I would want to enjoy our hobby. I appreciate this is a personal choice and each of us is different.

Basically I am not a great believer in "cheque book amateur radio". Some choose to spend £10k plus on rigs, linears, masts, beams and rotators. Not me. If one just wants to talk (and by video) around the world all one needs is a £180 laptop with Skype. I well recall the video conferences with my son on the other side of the planet - it was just like he was next door, and all for free with a PC.

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John - GW3OIN said...

Hello Roger
I wholly agree with you. I would not welcome such a structure in the next garden. I would go so far as to say that I would totally oppose an application for such a mast and beam. Is the hobby worth starting a war with all your friends and neighbours ? As far as that goes I tend to think it is somewhat futile to start disputes over EMC issues. Once you fall out over something it's never the same again.
Glad you have enjoyed watching the Swifts Roger. I have seen far fewer this year.
John - GW3OIN.