9 Aug 2016

70cm UKAC contest

Last Tuesday I was away so I was unable to enter the 2m UKAC activity contest as usual. Tonight was the 70cm leg so I went on for a few minutes using 5W to the 2m halo. I only worked one station G4FEV in IO92RG. A few more stations were heard but not worked.


Anonymous said...

I read of your "brain bleed" problem. A little encouragement here, one of the principle bassoon players from the Minnesota Orchestra when through this last year.

Fortunately identified quickly and mitigated with top notch local (Minneapolis) medical treatment.

He was out for a few months, but he's BACK! Got the energy, playing well.

If you want any info, write me (Mark) at Threespot@aol.com

Roger G3XBM said...

Mark, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contact Roger. Nice clean signal. de Dave G4FEV.