26 Aug 2016

10m JT65

With the risk of storms low all day, I turned things back on at breakfast, but nothing on 10m JT65 as yet.

I had trouble with my shack PC initially: it refused to connect to the wi-fi and said it was not set up to automatically connect. I have never had a problem before and in the past it did! Another Windows 10 update? Anyway it is set to connect automatically again and all seems well. I checked internet time sync too.

UPDATE 0916z: I see that I was spotted in Italy on 10m JT65 by IZ0AIS (1506km) about 18 minutes ago. I assume this is Es. He spotted me again later. JT65 is a good mode, especially for me with my very poor voice. As well as beaconing, it also allows QRP QSOs. It is some 10dB better than CW, so ideal for QRP.

UPDATE 1850z:  Just a little Es today on 10m JT65 - a couple of Italians spotted me and I spotted one station in northern Spain. In addition to these, G0LRD - a local - spotted me. As there is a thunder risk tomorrow I shall go QRT tonight and disconnect everything.

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