27 Jul 2016

Sour Grapes? - NOT amateur radio

Although I voted to remain in the EU, a majority in the UK voted to leave. The pound seems to have settled at a fair exchange rate, the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 share indexes seem to be doing just fine. In all, I think the UK can do well outside of the EU. Maybe the EU, especially France and Germany are troubled by such a successful economy (and contributor to its coffers) leaving the EU? I think it is a classic case of sour grapes.

As I have said many times before most in the UK favoured a common market but were not interested in a political union or federal Europe. On balance, I think the EU is heading for difficult times ahead.

No, I think political union, no real control of the numbers coming into the UK from other EU states and more political union were anathema to many in the UK. The positive benefits of being a member of the EU were underplayed.

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Paul Stam said...

As I get older I meddle less with politics. I don’t know if a Brexit was the right thing for UK. I don’t know if a Nexit is the next step. I doubt the EU, but what is the best alternative? I don’t trust politicians in general. So I take a step aside. 73 Paul PC4T