15 Jul 2016

Nice, France - NOT amateur radio

My heart goes out to the people of France who suffered another nasty terrorist attack last night. This was an act of pure evil. There is no way that those who carry out such acts will be rewarded in an after-life.

The people who are encouraged to carry out such attacks on innocent men,women and children may have genuine grievances, but acts of evil are evil. Losing ones life to carry out acts of evil cannot be rewarded.


Michael De-Wynter said...

All Religions are Stupid rubbish.
.To kill indiscriminately is The Ultimate act of Wickedness.

Roger G3XBM said...

Michael - each to his own regarding religions. As long as the religion respects the rights of others, I am happy. Regarding most religions I don't believe they are "stupid rubbish" merely man trying to find purpose in life. Some find religions helpful whereas others find them unhelpful.