14 Jul 2016

Mr Bean sacked - NOT amateur radio

The man, allegedly, who stabbed Boris Johnson - a possible UK Prime Minister candidate - in the back (metaphorically) has been sacked from the new UK Cabinet. I for one, although not a Conservative, agree with this. There is no place in the UK government for such people. I am told Mr Gove was a bright man. His recent behaviour has left me speechless.


Anonymous said...

I wish Boris would go back to being his cheerful self he still seems sore over what happeed, although not a Conservative myself. I wish the new PM all the best.

Roger G3XBM said...

Likewise. I wish her well, but it is a VERY long time go that I voted Conservative! Leaving the EU and still remaining good friends with our European neighbours will not be easy.

As I have said before, we like the idea of free trade but not free movement of people to our small island. We already are crowded with a high population density. Unlike Germany with a falling population we do not actually need people. Of course, genuine refugees fleeing conflict are always welcome. We welcomed Hugenots, German Jews and others in the past and I hope we are still a welcoming place for those fleeing trouble in their own lands. Most British have always welcomed refugees.