15 Jul 2016

Kazakhstan (again) on 6m JT65

UN7TW (5214km) was spotted on 6m JT65 this afternoon. This is a very long way on VHF. Although the considered view is this is multi-hop Es, I think some sort of chordal-Es is more probable.

UPDATE 1702z:  Still UN7TW as the best 6m DX.
6m JT65 spots


Ken May said...

Here's a dielema Roger,
I was transmitting both WSPR and JT65 sequentially from my U3 at 100mW on 6m. I was received in BOTH modes by SP7QLF at 1550km within a 3 minute time slot but my JT65 signal was logged at -18dB and the WSPR signal at -24dBm.

I would have expected the WSPR signal to have been better than the JT65 signal.

Any comment?

73 Ken G4APB

Roger G3XBM said...

Ken, often with Es, the propagation can change within minutes. Also WSPR uses a 2 minute cycle whereas JT65 just 1 minute.