17 Jul 2016

JT65 on 6m and 10m WSPR - Early Sunday

So far, no Es seen here yet on 6m JT65 but 5 UK stations (best DX report 219km with 1W ERP) have spotted me, most in the last few minutes. This is either tropo or aircraft reflection. It is early (0910z). Meanwhile 10m WSPR is very quiet with not a single spot so far. I did a full re-sync to internet time before breakfast. The PC clock is automatically readjusted every 1000 seconds, so as long as the PC works JT65 timing should be very good. The stand-alone W5OLF WSPR beacon on 10m is re-synced every day, although this is probably not necessary.y

UPDATE 1230z:  Still 6 UK spots on 6m JT65 and no Es here on 6m. I see that 4X1RF has spotted at least one G today, sadly not me. Maybe my 1W ERP (vertical) is not enough?  Just LZ1UBO (2039km) has spotted me on 10m WSPR earlier.

UPDATE 1728z:  Now been spotted by 8 different UK stations on 6m JT65 toda. Have copied Cornwall, France and Belgium on 6m JT65 RX today, but this must have been either tropo or aircraft reflection. No 6m Es today and very little on 10m WSPR - just LZ1UBO this morning.

UPDATE 1814z:  6m Es at last today!

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