23 Jul 2016

Israel on 6m VHF

4Z5ML (3571km) in Tel Aviv, Israel was spotted on 6m JT65 about 99 minutes ago. This was the furthermost on 6m today. Although there is plenty of Es about, I am not so sure of the conventional wisdom that this is multi-hop Es. I feel sure that one day the experts will discover "chordal hop Es" or similar. This could explain quite a few long distance Es paths. Of course, I could be totally wrong. It would not be the first time!

UPDATE 1430z: Plenty of Es today on 6m JT65. I see that I have been received in Israel. See https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html . It's funny how when there is a lot of 6m Es, it looks like 20m! I have still to spot, or be spotted, transatlantic on 6m this summer on 6m JT65.
6m Es today (JT65, 1W ERP vertical omni)

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