21 Jul 2016

FTSE 250 - NOT amateur radio

I found this graph on the Internet. Not sure of the source and it will be removed if a problem. 

They say the FTSE 250 share index is a better indicator of the state of UK companies than the FTSE 100. Since BREXIT this has hardly changed at 17018.56 the last time I looked a few moments ago. Maybe the UK economy will be OK after all.

See http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/indices/summary/summary-indices.html?index=MCX .

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Anonymous said...

We have still got orders and we are still trading as UK PLC. Thank god we have people in power who are now more positive than the last lot. Emergency Budget what Emergency Bugdget. I remember a certain jewelry retailer saying we sell total cheap crap and his business went bust.