31 Jul 2016

Es and 10m WSPR and 6m JT65 activity

Apart from G4KPX (14km) there have been no spots of my 500mW 10m WSPR all morning. By contrast, I have had several spots on 6m JT65 and spotted others on 6m too. I can only put this down to too few on 10m WSPR. I shall stick with 6m JT65 for a little longer.

Steve VE7SL has also commented on the possibility of chordal hop Es as a possible explanation of very long 6m Es paths. Steve was saying he'd found this 6m Es season very poor. It is true that I've not caught any really long paths on 6m Es this summer. There have been plenty of European reports, but little further afield on 6m. Even on 10m I was only spotted in the Caribbean once. A couple of Paraguayan spots on 10m may have been Es or Es/equatorial spread F.  In all, I tend to agree with Steve: I have seen better Es seasons.

UPDATE 1354z:  It seems that Es openings are still occurring but less often than a month or so ago. Today, there has been some Es on 10m and 6m, but not much.

UPDATE 1503z: No further 6m or 10m Es reports.  When good, I can get spots from all over Europe with QRP and simple antennas.

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