20 Jul 2016

Cordless lawnmower - NOT amateur radio

After some delay, I have invested in a cordless lawnmower, powered by LiIon batteries. I have charged the battery pack and will try it later. If I can only cut one lawn between charges it will not matter. I know of a few people who use cordless lawnmowers and they seem very happy.
UPDATE 1645z: Well I tried it out on two lawns. At the moment it took less than 15 minutes for each lawn. Although I recharged after doing the front lawn there seemed plenty of energy left in the battery. Next time I think I'll do both on a single charge.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Roger, I'm kind of a lawnmower specialist ;-). We sold some of those Li-Ion lawnmowers and people seem to be happy with it. My main concern is the lifetime of a Li-Ion accu. When it breaks it costs you almost as much as a new mower. Time will learn... Have you ever thought about a robotic lawnmower like Gardena/Flymo sells. I've placed a few of these at customers and they work very well. The nice thing is you never have to worry about mowing your grass. But though, I think you like the excersise. 73, Bas

G1KQH said...

Stick with petrol or mains you won't go far wrong. Anything motorised with a battery ok when first new, but after a while when the battery starts to tire complete waste of time, and can you still replace the batt after a couple of years my guess not?

I was cutting a holly hedge the other week with a battery hedge trimmer. I had to sit down three times over to revive the battery on the charger it would have been better off with a pair of scissors. zzzz

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

I know about LiIon battery packs. Judging by the number of cuts a year (45?) a battery pack should last me 5 years - the lawnmower MIGHT make that!