2 Jul 2016

Best 6m DX

Although I have had only 2 stations spotting me all day on 10m WSPR, I have had much better results on 6m JT65. Best DX on 6m today (so far) is a spot by OH8ETB (KP35 2057km) by Es.

I wonder if this station works in Oulu? I went there for work many years ago and was surprised to see the ice in May! We flew to Oulu from Helsinki, a city I liked.

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Unknown said...


for some reason i just googled my call sign, and stupled on your blog..

Yes i live pretty close on Oulu (current QTH is about 60KM from Oulu), and i do work there.

when i spotted you last year i used very not so efficient 6M antenna (80M horizontial loop, made of steel wire, hanging on trees nearby) and tuned by flexradio tuner.

by the way.. this may.. as i am writing this message here has snowed almost 10cm more snow, and on our front yard has almost 30cm ummelted snow.. people is still icefishing on nearby lake.. this is really unusual spring even on our standards.