8 Jul 2016

6m JT65

So far this morning I have spotted a few G stations on this band (best DX 182km) but no Es seen here yet. I have had reports (from locals) of spurious signals about 700Hz away from my main signal. They say this is not RX overload.  This is puzzling as the FT817ND is not being over-driven. Later, I shall swap to JT65-HF software (I need to load it first!) to see if that makes any difference. Currently I am using WSJT-X V1.6.0.

UPDATE 1140z:  Just G spots so far (TX and RX) on 6m JT65 today.

UPDATE 2120z:  Es on 6m from Scandinavia and Spain. I have now swapped to JT65-HF to see if the "ghost" signal goes with the change of software.

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