30 Jun 2016

VLF SAQ 17.2kHz CW - a reminder

A reminder that SAQ will broadcast on July 3rd 2016.

See http://alexander.n.se/the-radio-station-saq-grimeton/saq-transmissions/?lang=en .

1 comment:

Hugh said...

Thanks for the reminder. May try this with earth electrodes.
No more comments on Brexit? Looks like UK markets have steadied already.
Time to get the deals with Canada, Australia, USA, India and NZ sorted.
NZ lamb and real Anchor butter (maybe Bio now?) again maybe??? yum.
Just need someone competent as PM (please not BJ or MG)
Those showing most fear are on the other side of the Channel, where markets have not recovered! If UK had stayed, they could have been part of the solution G6AIG