26 Jun 2016

OK, you win!

OK, I am truly convinced that JT65 is much better than WSPR as a guide to propagation on 6m. The map shows where I reached on 6m (1W ERP) today. If I had been on 6m WSPR, which is better at digging weak signals out of the noise, I would have been lucky to get a spot at all! On 10m, I am still using WSPR as the activity levels are higher on WSPR than on 6m.

See https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html .

UPDATE 1918z: This is the 6m log today. Not bad for 1W ERP and a simple vertical omni.
Click on log to see a clearer version.

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xxx said...

I also gave up on wspr on 6m. Indeed, JT65 is so much more productive on this band. I can't make any JT QSOs though as the 4X band is 50.0-50.2MHz only. Looking forward to log your signal. 73s! Chris 4X1RF