25 Jun 2016

More expensive UK amateur gear?

With the fall in the UK pound as a result of the UK vote to leave the EU it is possible that amateur radio gear (paid for in US dollars) will get more expensive. This is not certain and I hope the dealers will hold or reduce prices and their margins. Fuel will definitely be a bit more expensive.

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Hugh said...

For the UK It will all blow over. The shock of the Brexit is making money for George Soros and his pals, but the long term reality is the UK is better set up for recovery than the rest of Europe. However, look at the stock-markets of France and Germany.. The UK is not too bad (after an initial drop) but the French and German exchanges are bleeding 7% or so each day!! This is why they are nervous.. the final orders bell is ringing for much of EU fudged policies. The blinkers are finally coming off, and they know it!