29 Jun 2016

JT65 on 6m

Best DX spotted on 6m JT65 was CN8YZ (2233km) in IM63 square in North Africa. My own 1W ERP 6m JT65 signal has been spotted all over Europe once again with around 30 reports so far today. Every day I seem to spot, and be spotted, by loads of 6m stations. I am still awaiting some transatlantic 6m DX on JT65.  I also want to be spotted by 4X1RF on 6m JT65.

I continue to TX at the same time on 10m WSPR, but I am seriously thinking of stopping these transmissions until the end of the Es season. It is possible I may try 10m JT65 in the autumn.

UPDATE 1752z:  Spotted TA1BM (2499km) in Turkey on 6m JT65.
6m JT65 today
UPDATE 2200z:  Well it is time for bed, but 6m JT65 has looked more like 20m! The map below shows the spots in the last 12 hours when using 1W ERP.
Where I have been spotted in the last 12hrs on 6m JT65 (1W ERP)

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