20 Jun 2016

IN, OUT shake it all about!

If we vote to leave the EU I shall not be too surprised.

The REMAIN campaign has been very negative and focused on the harm to the UK if we vote to leave and not the benefits of being "in the club".  A vote to leave will probably mean that Scotland will want another referendum and lead to the break-up of the UK. If we leave the EU then I think others will follow and the Euro will collapse.

It is entirely possible we could vote to remain in the EU. One thing is certain: the outcome is too close to call. It is possible David Cameron will continue as UK Prime Minister for years to come. On the other hand we could see Boris as PM as early as November. What is certain is that politics is changing. If we leave I suspect a lurch to the right politically will occur. This is happening in many EU nations and this is dangerous.

Although my XYL and I voted IN (remain) the outcome could go either way. The EU cannot continue as a weak protectionist club. It has to change or it will fall apart.


Anonymous said...

There has been so much negative campaigning on both sides and the true facts have not been put forward and the fallout of a close or leave vote will have a knock on effect with other EU countries deciding or thinking about leaving the EU.

Anonymous said...

In 1938 PM Neville Chamberlain arrived back in the UK , holding an agreement signed by Adolf Hitler which stated the German leader's desire never to go to war with Britain again. This gave us extra time to build up our arms production.
2016 David Cameron came back from Brussels empty handed.
The paper that agreements are written on are worthless and history has proved that things can change in months if not years.